Landscape Maintenance

Keep your property picture-perfect all year

A maintenance program that nurtures your landscape throughout the year

One of the most important but most neglected areas of landscaping is the maintenance. Landscape maintenance is the art of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. 

Allscapes Landscape takes care of both residential and commercial properties year-round with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. We have the equipment, team and know how to get the job done efficiently and professionally.

Let us do your landscape work for you so you can focus on the important things in life.

We are your go-to maintenance team for lawns and gardens, whether you need a small clean up or long-term care. Our trained staff will visit your home or commercial property and do what they do best; keep your exterior space looking picture perfect all year long.

Our residential and commercial landscape maintenance services include season long lawn, garden and yard maintenance.

Select from:

Weekly cutting, trimming, edging, overseeding, spring core aeration, sod installation, vegetable garden installation and maintenance, fertilizer application, edging services, bed mulching, and fall/spring property clean-up.

Grass Cutting

Imagine a beautifully groomed lawn without the work. We take care of all your grass cutting needs so you don’t have to! We offer weekly or bi-weekly grass cutting for residential and commercial spaces.

Over Seeding

Overseeding is the application of grass seed to your existing lawn which replenishes the old grass. Overseeding will improve the quality of your lawn; increasing shade and drought tolerance while also improving your lawns resistance to diseases.

Core Aerating

Aeration helps your lawn to thrive even through hot dry conditions; enabling water retention and fertilizer penetration in the crucial root zone. This is effective in the beginning and ending of the growing season.

Sod Installation

Whether your property is a brand new development or your existing lawn has been deemed beyond repair due to insects, drought or disease; we are here to help!

Vegetable Garden Installation and Maintenance

With your tastes in mind;  have garden fresh produce all season.

Fertilizer Application

Make sure your lawn stays thick and healthy all season long. Our premium custom-blend fertilizer is evenly applied and seasonally adjusted for lush, green grass.

Edging Services

Power edging is the mechanical removal of overgrown sod on concrete and driveway areas by a metal blade.

Bed Mulching

Applying mulch to your garden beds holds many valuable benefits. From curbing the germination of weeds and unsightly growth to aiding in soil moisture, mulching mulching protects your plants from drying out too quickly.

Fall/Spring Property Clean Up

Spring and Fall cleanups are an important part of a consistently healthy lawn and garden. Ensure your lawn and gardens have the growth promoting care they need to stay healthy year after year.

Spring/Fall Cleanup includes:
  • Garden bed cleanup/mulching
  • Spring core aeration
  • Spring garden planting
  • Fall leaf blowing and raking
  • Adding/removing annuals and pruning shrubs and perennials
  • Lawn fertilizing
  • Winterizing shrubs and trees
Love your outdoor space the moment you step outside!
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